Driven Partridge and Pheasant Shooting

Driven days cater for 8 or 9 guns with lunch either in the field, at Hill Farm or in Glemham Hall. The bag can range from 80-200 birds. Driven days usually consist of 5-6 drives with breaks for elevenses and lunch.

Syndicate Places

We have a few opportunities left to join our new syndicate. This are for 3 days shooting, please contact us for dates.

Glemham Syndicate: 2 Full Guns and 1 Half Gun (3 out of 6 days shooting) £3377.78 for full gun and £1688.89 for half gun. The full gun will shoot 2 days of 200 birds, 2 days of 150 birds and 2 days of 125 birds. The half guns will shoot 1 day of 200, 1 day of 150 and 1 day of 125 birds. This is not a shared gun but that is an option

4 day syndicate: SOLD

3 Day syndicate: 1 Gun £2133.33 for 3 days shooting 200 birds on each day.

Driven Shooting

We are also have a few dates left for full teams and single guns for the 2020/2021 season please contact us.

80-100 birds: £330.00 per gun

125 birds: £4125.00 per team / £458.33 per gun

150 birds: £4950.00 per team / £550.00 per gun

175 birds: £5775.00 per team / £641.67 per gun

200 birds: £6600.00 per team / £733.33 per gun

Prices include VAT, elevenses, lunch in the field, in the Hall or Hill Farm depending on the day and time of year, tea and coffee. Prices are based on teams of 9 guns. Please contact us via the 'Contact Us' page to book.  

The London Syndicate walking to their gun pegs, before starting our Tinker Brook drive.

Tim, from our London Syndicate, shooting driven partridge.

Tim, from our London Syndicate, shooting driven partridge.